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Issue 285 – Harry is in golf’s Hall of Fame

Frome Golf Club can now boast having a national champion amongst its membership after Harry Phillips won the national final of the ‘Hall of Fame’ competition, played on the EGU Championship courses at Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire.

The final was contested over two rounds of stableford format on two different courses. This prestigious event is open to all club golfers throughout the country who play a club qualifier followed by regional qualifiers before reaching the national finals. It is not known how many golfers entered the event but it runs into several thousand.
Both club teams also had successful seasons during this year’s Avalon league. The A team continued their ongoing success and won division 2 after just two years in that division; they are now promoted to division 1.
In their first season in the league, the B team were division 7 champions and promoted to division 6, losing just two matches all season. Sam Aland also hit a hole in one during a league game.
“Well done to team captains Pete Clark and Roger Burns and all team players that supported the team throughout the season,” said club member, Rick Bird.
“Both Pete and Roger commend all for their tremendous team spirit all through the season and thank the green staff for their efforts in presenting the course regularly in such good condition and club staff for their hard work.
“Well done also to Ivan Love and Harold Lidbitter for getting through to the semi-finals of the Seniors national pairs competition, unfortunately due to previous commitments they are unable to play in this prestigious event, here’s hoping they manage it again next year. Well done.”

October Sunday Stableford; Division One; Winner – Rick Lowe, Runner-up – Andrew Day, Third – Steve Matthews. Division Two; Winner – Phil Alden, Runner-up – Robert Richardson, Third – Robert Penny.
October Saturday Stableford; Division One; Winner – Brian Reynolds, Runner-up – Roger Burns, Third – Dave Hopes. Division Two; Winner – Myles Carpenter, Runner-up – Ryan Sainsbury, Third – Mark Davis.
Seniors Summer Knockout (Doubles) Winners – Charles Wood and Ray Payne, Runners-up – Bob Mills and Derek Chapman.
Seniors Summer Knockout (Singles) Winner – Rick Head, Runner-up – Guy Turner. 
September Sunday Stableford; Division One; Winner – Bill McCollum, Runner-up – Tony Nubbert, Third – Steve Chan. Division Two; Winner – Stuart Finlay, Runner-up – Phil Alden, Third – Gerry Clarke.
September Saturday Stableford; Division One; Winner – John Vowell, Runner-up – Guy Turner, Third – Brian Ledbury. Division Two; Winner – Martyn Gale, Runner-up – Anthony Wilkin, Third – Colin Berry.
September Wednesday Stableford; Division One; Winner – Chris Roach, Runner-up – Tony Logan, Third – Malcolm Srawley. Division Two; Winner; Tony Nubbert, Runner-up – Tim Hocking, Third – Guy Butler.
September Sunday Medal; Division One; Winner – Chris Roach, Runner-up – Carl Incledon, Third – Tony Doman. Division Two; Winner – John Brockway, Runner-up – Michael Weeks, Third – Richard Glindon.
September Saturday Medal; Division One; Winner – Steve Chan, Runner-up – Brian Reynolds, Third – Trevor Atkinson. Division Two; Winner – Ryan Sainsbury, Runner-up – Michael Salmon, Third – Martyn Gale.
Ladies September Sunday Stableford; Winner – Elaine Richardson, Runner-up – Jenny Lowe.
Ladies September EWGA Wednesday Medal; Winner – Josie McCulloch, Runner-up – Viv Warden, Third – Mary Beaven.
Ladies September EWGA Medal; Winner – Marwin Clarke, Runner-up – Sue Alcock, Third – Pearl Penny.