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Issue 286 – ‘A positive change’ for Frome

 “A Positive Change” is how The Guardian (10.10.09) celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Fairtrade Foundation, which has worked with tremendous success to raise issues of inequity in World trade rules, by providing a humane alternative.

Frome is celebrating its seventh year as a Fairtrade town, being the 11th town in Britain to gain Fairtrade status in February 2003. There are now more than 450 towns, where a commitment to Fairtrade has official been made by the council, shops and businesses. Frome’s schools, churches and community organisations also actively support Fairtrade.
However, as Harriet Lamb, Fairtrade Foundation’s executive director says, ‘Although it’s now a global movement, there are still 2 billion people in the world who earn less than $2 a day, growing products that both you and I enjoy every day. We’ve still got a lot more to do.”
Fairtrade is a movement where every person can see the benefits of his or her involvement. The more people buy and use Fairtrade products, the more farmers in the developing world will benefit and see their lives transformed. She cites Dominica in the Windward Islands which was growing drugs and had gangs with guns – now it grows bananas.
The Fairtrade group in Frome would love to hear from you if your business sells Fairtrade products, uses Fairtrade refreshments in its workplace, would like to become a Fairtrade school, or would like to find out more about Fairtrade. The group’s website directory lists all places in Frome where we know Fairtrade is supported. Are you there?  You can contact them through the website.