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Issue 288 – Special recognition for the Rotary Club of Frome

The Rotary Club of Frome has been awarded a ‘Presidential Citation’, an honour few clubs throughout the world receive. Rotary clubs work hard to improve the life and living conditions of people both in their immediate communities and worldwide, especially when disasters strike.

In the latter category the Frome club continues to raise money to help eradicate polio and has also sent a lot of money to help countries who suffer national catastrophes, most recently the tsunami in the Pacific. They also give support to local people who have hit hard times or, because of their physical circumstances, need assistance with special equipment to make their lives more tolerable.
At home, Rotarians work closely with local schools, organising musical events, public speaking competitions and various creative activities. They also assist pupils to prepare for the world of work by helping them fill out application forms and develop their interview techniques.
In September each year, the Rotary Club of Frome supports the organisation of the Carnival collection which was so successful this year. During the run-up to Christmas, Rotarians, along with the Lions and Carnival Clubs, bring a lot of pleasure to the people of Frome with the Christmas float. Money raised at this time is used to assist deserving causes in Frome and the surrounding areas.
The President of the worldwide Rotary movement has recognised the efforts and activities of the Frome club and has judged them to be deserving of a special award, the Presidential Citation.

Picture: (L-R): Ernie McKenna past president of the Frome Rotary, Tony Quinn (Rotary District Governor), Hilary Daniel (president Frome Rotary)