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Issue 322 – Resident’s anger over left waste

AN 85 year-old Frome resident has lived next door to rat-infested mattresses, bags of rotten food and black bin liners full of discarded waste, since a rehoused neighbour left the waste in his garden before Christmas.

Despite contacting Mendip District Council, Rob Keef of Chestnut Close says the waste remains at the house next door.
Rob Keef said, “I’m partially deaf and have lost my sense of smell, I have a hard enough time looking after myself, let alone putting up with all this rubbish. I have been on to Mendip District Council to have this cleared up, but have not had any response. On top of that my son has contacted Mendip District Council, but nothing has been done.”
The rubbish fills the neighbouring back garden and dominates the view from the pensioner’s window.
A spokesperson from Mendip District Council said, “The property ownership itself is proving difficult to track down. It doesn’t belong to any registered social landlords in Mendip.
“However, the state of the property is an environmental health issue, and there will be a visit from the Mendip District Council’s environmental health team as a matter of urgency.”