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Issue 327 – New Mayor for Frome

FROME has welcomed its new mayor, Nick White, and deputy mayor, Pippa Goldfinger, who were elected at the town council meeting on 18th May.

Both cllr White and cllr Goldfinger were elected onto the town council this month as part of the Independents for Frome group, that took 10 of the 17 seats on the town council.
Nick White was born and bred in Frome, and enjoys spending some of his leisure time as a member of the Frome Drama Club, Frome Amateur Operatic Society and the Merlin Theatre Company.
Cllr White, who sits on the College Ward, said, “To be elected mayor of my home town is such an honour. I have so much pride in our town and I will champion it to anyone who will listen. We are all fortunate to live here, and we as councillors intend to protect its charm and uniqueness while recognising the need for change and new opportunities.”
At the Annual Town Council Meeting he thanked retiring mayor Helen Sprawson-White. “I would like to say thank you on behalf of all the councillors and town officials to Helen for all the dedication, time and effort that she has put into her year as mayor. She will be an incredibly hard act to follow.”
Retiring mayor Helen Sprawson-White has attended over 150 events during her year as mayor, which she said, had been an honour, a privilege, and “exhausting but ultimately fulfilling”.
She thanked the previous administration and welcomed the new councillors, whom she said were looking forward to working together “with great hope and expectation”.
She also publicly thanked her family for their support as well as her employer, Frome Medical Practice.
Cllr Sprawson-White add-ed, “I’ve enjoyed engaging with the community in lots of different ways – for example there’s the facebook site that’s been hugely successful beyond my expectations. I’ve enjoyed going out and meeting people, it’s been a wonderful, wonderful year and a great privilege.”
Picture: new mayor Nick White and new deputy mayor Pippa Goldfinger (right) with outgoing mayor, Helen Sprawson-White.