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Issue 333 – Frome crime figures down

FROME saw a reductions in many areas of crime between May and June.

The latest figures available on showed 323 cases of crime and anti-social behaviour in May, down to 267 cases in June.
The figures show decreases in anti-social behaviour (down from 102 cases to 98), vehicle crime (down from 21 cases to 12) and violent crime (down from 47 to 45). Uncategorised cases fell from 125 to 81.
Sgt Sarah Dinnis, beat team manager for Frome said, “The figures are looking very good for Frome, we like to think it’s down to crime reduction ops [operations], increasing patrols, targeting known offenders, and working with our partners. We hope that we’re moving in the right direction – we’ll continue with the ops and all the things we’ve got in place. Hopefully next month’s figures will look the same but we’re not complacent.”