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Issue 339 – A day and a half in a coma; Richard is back running a marathon within three months

DESPITE being nearly killed in a road traffic accident, a Frome runner is preparing to run a full marathon less than three months later, in aid of the organisations that helped save his life.

Keen runner Richard Riley was hit by a car while out running in August, and had to be airlifted to hospital where he spent a day and a half in a coma. But he has bounced back from the accident and has begun fundraising.
Richard is in training for his place at the Virgin London Marathon next year, and is starting his fundraising by running a marathon on his treadmill in the Westway precinct on the 19th November.
Richard says his accident has served not as a hindrance but as a impetus. “I was out running, training for the Bristol half-marathon, when I was hit by a car doing 45mph,” he explained. “I broke the windscreen with my head and then apparently bounced down the road – I don’t remember a thing about it! It was a bit dramatic, they had to close the road and I was airlifted and it was touch and go for a while. There was even a rumour around town that I died!
“I was airlifted to Frenchay where I spent a day and a half in a coma. Happily I’m on the mend now and will be fundraising for the Great Western Air Ambulance charity along with St John Ambulance for this year and in the spring.
“I am more lucky than you can imagine. Fortunately I didn’t get a head injury which I was in line for, so I’m very, very lucky.”
Richard has previously run several treadmill marathons when in training for the 2011 London Marathon. His return to treadmill marathons will take place in the Westway precinct on the 19th November, followed by another outside Tony Pryce Sports in Warminster on the 10th December.
Richard explained, “These events are where I take my treadmill into town and I run the marathon distance of 26.2 miles on the spot. It’s good fun, raises a lot of comments and we get lots of donations.”
Richard will be running the Virgin London Marathon for St John Ambulance in April and the Bupa 10K race for Great Western Ambulance in May.