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Issue 342 – Big rise in numbers using the Cheese and Grain

There has been a steep rise in the number of people visiting Frome’s Cheese and Grain venue, with over 90,000 visits in the last year.

The news was given to attendees of the Cheese and Grain’s Annual General Meeting last week. The meeting was told that while the live bands get the headlines, in fact it’s the markets and daytime events that see the greatest number of visits overall.
The new manager, Steve Macarthur, has told the Frome Times that there has been a succession of sell-out live music performances recently, but the range of use is remarkable and the recent Zumba party had packed the venue to capacity.
He said, “The Cheese and Grain is an arts venue, but it’s much more than that. “Arts” venues don’t normally host pet shows, bingo and wrestling! There really is something for almost everyone.” He urged people to check the web site on
Steve says it was a surprise to him that the largest group of users was actually retired people. So much so, that it is young people who will be the priority in the coming year. “With the town’s youth club maybe closing,” he said, “its vital that the Cheese and Grain becomes a place that young people can enjoy using.”