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Issue 348 – Saxonvale scoop on Frome Question Time

People who were listening to Frome Question Time LIVE on FromeFM last Tuesday were the first to hear the news that Frontier Estates had just acquired the Notts Industries site in Saxonvale.  Development director Damian Wood made the announcement in the closing minutes of the debate.  FromeFM extended the broadcast for 15 minutes to enable the audience to quiz Damian Wood on the development plans for the area.FromeFM’s Phil Moakes said, ‘At this point the debate became very lively with questions coming left right and centre, not only from the 80-strong audience in Wesley Church, but also from the radio audience sending questions in via Twitter.’“In view of the importance of this debate we rushed through the programme edit and it was available to ‘listen again’ online within 3 hours.”To listen to the debate in full go to www.fromefm. and find it under programmes and talk.Listen to the next Frome Question Time in May when FromeFM hope to be broadcasting LIVE on FM radio.