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Caution urged over scam phone calls

CAUTION has been issued to Frome residents after an increase of “scam phone calls.” Cllr Sam Phripp told Frome Times that members of his Frome Berkley Down ward have reported phone calls that attempt to gain access to passwords on their computer. Cllr Phripp said, “It seems these scam phone calls are cropping up all over Frome, but in the first instance, members of my ward told me about them. “Basically, you will receive a phone call about remedying an error message on your computer, but they will need access to some of your personal details. “Lots of people have received these calls, and it’s just a way to gain access to your computer. “Anyone who receives this call should report it to the police straight away.” If you do receive a call then contact Somerset and Avon police on 101.