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Clean green council takes delivery of its new electric vehicle

The electric tipper truck recently purchased by Frome Town Council will cut carbon emissions and save the town council over £6,300 during the next five years on fuel, road tax, MOT tests and servicing.

The zero emission Goupil G3 tipper has a range of up to 100km and can travel at 40km per hour, perfect for the daily outside services department’s duties. However, unlike a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle, it does not need an MOT, the road tax is free and an annual service is likely to need no more than some demineralised water to maintain the battery. A 30 mile journey costs just £2.25 in electricity compared to around £6 for the fuel used by a petrol or diesel tipper.

The purchase of this vehicle is intended for Frome Town Council to reduce both its operating costs and carbon footprint and will be an instant response vehicle to the town’s needs and requirements. Deputy Mayor Cllr Pippa Goldfinger commented, “We are delighted with this fantastic nifty little vehicle. Not only does it have clear cost benefits for us – which is very important at this time – but it also has zero emissions and is silent in operation which has real benefits for the environment and the town.”