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Residents asked how to spend £42,000 Showfield cash

FROME residents and sports groups are to be asked how they would like to spend £42,000 on improving the former Frome Showfield site.

Frome Town Council and Vision 4 Frome are putting together a widespread consultation to ask families living near the former Showfield site, along with Frome Medical Practice, Frome Collegians, Frome Cricket Club and the general public for their ideas.

Vision 4 Frome will employ a consultation expert to advise how best to gauge public opinion. The funds have been made available thanks to the developers of the new Frome Health Centre who agreed to put up £35,000 as a result of a section 106 agreement. Frome Medical Practice have also put up a further £7,000 towards improving the Showfield.

Suggestions to improve the former Showfield include more trees, better fencing, improvement of the landscaping, more children’s play and fitness equipment. The section 106 agreement states that developers have to put up funds to improve the local community.

An application to protect the Frome Showfield as green space is currently in the hands of Somerset County Council. The application means that the field could be granted village green status, protecting the land from developers. Mendip District councillor, Adam Boyden, says that this application could take up to two years. He said, “It’s in a waiting list now. It will take around 18 months to two years for the council to take a look at it, and then it has to go to public enquiry. It’s a long process.”