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Acoustic Plus celebrates its 10th anniversary!

SINCE its inception in September 2002, Acoustic Plus has presented over 250 different original acts covering genres as diverse as acoustic thrash metal and traditional West African kora.

The organisers say, “We could name all the acts but that would take a while; suffice to ask who could forget the percussive explosion that was Animal Manic? (December 2007), or the accomplished harmony-rich songs of young Swindon band Year of the Thief (February 2011), currently ‘bubbling under’ the national indie scene. We are still waiting for an act beginning with ‘Z’.

“Acoustic Plus grew out of Frome’s always lively acoustic music scene and continues to celebrate and champion original music of all kinds. It is always and only ever held at community venue The Cheese & Grain. Each night consists of four half-hour spots by musicians from Frome and the surrounding area, sometimes venturing further afield to bring artists from London, Rio, Tokyo, L.A., Donegal, York and Senegal to the true centre of the musical universe. We especially encourage new performers, young or not-so, with their own material.

“By a strange quirk of fate this month’s 10th anniversary special will feature not one, not two, not three, but all four of the original performers first brought to you in September 2002.

“So take this once-again in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy Three Corners, Howard Vause, Al O’Kane’s Oort Cloud Visitors and… The Return of the Croutons! All of these local musical legends have matured nicely since 2002 – and you can’t say that about Nickelback.

“The regular door price is kept as low as possible in order to attract as large a gathering as we can to enjoy an evening of fantastic new music, with no age restrictions at either end of the spectrum.

“However, to celebrate this momentous landmark in the ongoing story of Frome’s vibrant music scene, we are reverting to the historic original price of just £1 on the door, with a donation bucket on hand for you to show your appreciation for the struggling artists…

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