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Photographer’s image on Olympic stamp

HAVINGspent the Olympic and Paralympic Games as an accredited photographer, a Frome photographer has now had his image of gold medalist Jonnie Peacock published on a Royal Mail stamp. 

Neil Munns’ image of victorious Jonnie Peacock, who won the Men’s 100m in the Paralympics, is on the stamp that is available in over 5,000 post office branches across the UK.

Neil’s career as a photographer has spanned 20 years, and he has been published in many national and international newspapers and magazines including Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Sun, and The Daily Telegraph. 

Neil said, “For the Olympics, I was basically shooting all the outside events, archery and equestrian, and beach volleyball and football and other events. In the Paralympics it was mainly athletics in the stadium. I also did the opening ceremony for the Paralympics.

“You can take a bit of it in, but you’re generally trying to focus on what’s in front of you. You’re trying to think of what you need to get and what you need for your publication or agency or whoever.

“It’s certainly a recent highlight, I’ve done Wimbledon for the last couple of years as well.”

You can find out more about Neil’s work at www.