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Steiner School plans to be discussed by town council

PLANS for a new Steiner School in Frome will be discussed by Frome Town Council at a meeting on Wednesday 12th of December at 7.00pm at Frome Assembly Rooms.

Councillors will discuss a planning application that aims to develop a new Steiner School on Park Road in Frome and members of the public are welcome to attend to give their views.

Officers from Frome Town Council have recommended that councillors should request a more “robust look” is taken by Mendip District Council at the school’s travel plan, to ensure that is as safe as possible.

Councillors will discuss how best to approach the planning application at the meeting on the 12th of December, before voting on any recommendations.

However, Frome Civic Society has objected to the plans for the new Steiner School on the basis that it will cause a whole range of traffic issues in the area.

Frome Civic Society describe the Steiner School’s travel plan as “flawed, unrealistic and hopelessly optimistic.”

They say that the narrow Park Road will not allow for free movement of two-way traffic if cars are parked on the side of the road, with the potential to block emergency vehicle access.

Their report also mentions that proposed figures on how staff and pupils will travel to school are underestimated.

Opinion split at

public meeting

The town council meeting follows a public meeting last week, where over 100 people gave their views on the Steiner School on Wednesday 6th of December.

Concern was raised over the amount of traffic that the Steiner School could generate and the cost to Frome of installing new pedestrian crossings to make the roads safe to cross. However, other members of the public suggested that the Steiner School will have a positive impact on Frome by providing another educational facility.

Paul Wynne, the town clerk said, “The evening was very popular and we shall be holding another one in early January for those who were unable to attend. All the views will be recorded and will be forward to the relevant bodies.

“The town council is also now better informed about the views of the town and shall, I am sure, take the planning-related ones into account when it responds to the school’s planning application at its meeting on 12th December.”

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