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Youth Centre welcomes new users

ANEWlease of life is being breathed into the Frome Youth and Community Centre, and the centre now wants to see even more groups making the most of the facility to ensure its long term future.

It was not long ago that the centre was facing the possibility of closure following cuts from Somerset County Council. However, Mendip YMCA agreed to take over the running of the centre on a two-year contract and now local groups at the centre – which range from sports teams to a radio-controlled car club – are thriving.

Mark Bearcroft, development manager, wants to continue developing the centre for both young people and the community as a whole. “I want this to be a youth and a community centre,” he said. “There’s lots of different diverse groups here. We want people to use it so we can prove its value, whether it be groups that want to have occasional seminars or regular weekly groups. I think it is up to the people of Frome; this is yours – use it!”

As well as increasing the number of groups that use the hall, Mark also hopes the centre can help different groups interact and become more aware of each other’s activities for the benefit of all.

Cllr Derek Tanswell, Mendip councillor for Frome Market Ward, says he was highly impressed by his recent visit to the centre. He said, “I met with Mark Bearcroft, the new manager of the youth centre on Vallis Road, and he went through the business plan that he wants to kick-start this year. He is very committed and enthusiastic and I really admire that in him, as he wants the centre saved for future Frome generations.

“There are five or six function rooms that will cater for many needs in Frome, from a handful of people to hundreds. He plans to use the space more creatively and give the whole centre a well-deserved makeover. He wants to cater for two different age groups, involve PCSOs [Police Community Support Officers] and others, and make it a welcome and safe place.”

If you are interested in using the Frome Youth and Community Centre please call the centre on 01373 463 398.