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Frome landowners say “travellers’ horses are ruining our land”

ANGRY landowners in Frome are claiming their fields are being ruined by horses that are “dumped” on their property by  travellers.

People who own land around Gypsy Lane have contacted Frome Times claiming that travellers’ horses are left on their privately owned fields, without permission for “weeks on end”.

The landowners claim that the horses are left “unattended” and when the horses are moved on, the land is “impossible to work on.”

One landowner said that the horses leave “a lot of muck” which has to be cleaned up by the landowners.

The landowner said, “I am being robbed of doing anything with my land because there are always horses illegally grazing there. We know they are left there by travellers. The grazing horses are ruining the land. Also, no-one is taking care of the horses, they are left on our land until they have eaten everything. The police move the horses on but they always come back.

“County Hall is no help. This has been going on for years.”

Previously, a county council officer was appointed as a travellers’ liaison contact to act as a go-between in such disputes, but this role has now been abolished by Somerset Council

A representative from Somerset County Council dismissed the problem because it was not taking place on land that they own saying, “This is a matter between the various owners of the horses and the land, and not something the Council should become involved in.

“The council has an enforcement role limited to the county’s highways and other land we own.”

Frome neighbourhood acting Sergeant Darren Pearson  said, “We are aware of this issue in the Frome area and are trying to establish what, if any, offences have been committed.”