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Frome woman publishes first book

VAMPIRES and elves can be found in a new fantasy book which is set in the local area. Obsidian White – Shades of Violet, is written by Rachel Rodwell, who grew up in Frome and is an former student of Frome College.

She publishes as RJ Truman using her maiden name and this is her first book in print. It is aimed at young adults and is the first in her White Light Chronicle series.

Rachel said, “The story is about a teenage girl who lives in a magical fairytale forest, however her world is turned upside down when she is told about her true identity. Upon finding out about her past she is faced with a big task;  to save the world from an infestation of vampires. To do this she must leave her old life in the forest behind, and join the real world.

“The inspiration came mainly from reading books like Lord of the Rings and Twilight. I feel that my book blends elements of both stories together with the inclusion of mythical creatures such as elves and vampires.

“The book is mainly based in and around the Bath area, part of it is also based on Longleat, in particular Longleat House. The rest of the books will also be based in the local area, as I feel there are lots of beautiful and interesting towns and cities around Frome that could provide me with great inspiration to draw upon for my future books.”

The book has already been on sale in the US and Mexico, and is now available on Amazon. Rachel says it is thrilling to see it go on sale in the UK.

She said, “I’m really excited about it, as I’ve always wanted to publish a book, so I still can’t believe I’ve finally done it.”