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‘Antiques Road Trip’ visits Frome auction

COOPER & Tanner Sale Rooms at Standerwick received a visit from the popular TV programme ‘Antiques Road Trip’. 

The two stars of the programme are Charlie Ross and Thomas Plant. Filming took place at the Cooper & Tanner weekly sale, the idea of the programme is that the stars travel around the country buying antiques at the best price they can. The chosen items are then all sold by auction, and the individuals that make the most ‘profit’ is the winner.

Quintyn Howard-Evans of Cooper & Tanner said, “This is the second time that we have had the programme filmed at our sale. It is an experience for our staff and our customers and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

“The two presenters brought a variety of lots to us including Victorian dolls in need of repair, a cast iron water pump and a Spitting Image teapot in the shape of Margaret Thatcher. This last lot was the star of the show selling for over £100.

“Baroness Thatcher died within a few days of filming, it is very likely therefore that it has increased in value still further. I am afraid we do not know who was the most successful on the day – the results are a closely guarded secret!”

The programme is scheduled to be aired later in the year, and it seems likely that the TV crew will make a return visit to Cooper & Tanner in 2014.