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Campaign Against the Arms Trade

IN Frome Market Square on Wednesday 17th April, members of Frome Quaker Meeting handed out postcards from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade to mark Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

Posters were displayed giving information on weapons-spending both in the UK and globally, and passers-by were invited to choose which  public services they would like to see benefitting from a redirection of funds.

A commitment to peace has been a central tenet of the Quaker movement since its beginnings in the 17th Century, and Quakers are involved in conflict resolution and reconciliation in countries all over the world.

The movement as a body was awarded a Nobel Prize after World War 2 for organising the transport from Nazi Germany of thousands of Jewish children.  This was a small local attempt to highlight the vast squandering of resources on arms, in the present critical period for the peoples of the world.