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Frome’s ambitious plans for green energy

A NEW Frome Energy Company and online energy hub will lead the community in harnessing renewable energy sources – and reaping the benefits as well.

The Frome Energy Company will have responsibility for identifying and investing in renewable energy installations for the town. Founded by investment from Frome Town Council and Sustainable Frome, it will be inviting  further shareholders to join the project in the coming months, and looking for hosts for renewable energy installations.

Meanwhile, an online Energy Hub will bring together data on energy usage in the town and share ideas on renewable energy generation. In addition, projects will look at ensuring the town wastes as little energy as possible.

Last week, the town council endorsed the projects.

Cllr Peter Macfadyen says the work is particularly timely, given last week’s warning by industry regulator Ofgem about the danger of national power shortages in the future. He also wants to see the projects help combat rising fuel poverty.

He explains that the Frome Energy Company will be seeking to install solar panels on properties such as industrial buildings, and the energy of the river could also be harnessed.

“We know there is massive potential in the river, and at Tellisford Mill there’s already the expertise,” he explained. “The river is a much bigger investment [than solar], but it runs 24 hours a day. It is interesting how controversial wind is, and we will look at that.”

But as well as generating energy, Frome will look at saving energy.

Cllr Macfadyen said, “We will be coming at it from every angle. Producing energy is only part of the picture. We won’t produce enough to do everything, but we can produce a significant amount and also  ensure we’re wasting as little as possible.”