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Joint Waste Fortnight in St John’s School and HOPE Foundation School in India

IN June St John’s First School in Frome and its partner school in India, the HOPE Foundation School in Bhuj, held a joint Waste Fortnight Campaign to highlight the importance of reducing, re-using and recycling waste generated at school and at home.

Over   the   fortnight   the   children   in   both   Frome   and   Bhuj   were   taught   the importance of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and they were shown ways of re-using waste to create new products for home and school.

The HOPE School also installed six new rubbish bins to allow them to sort their   waste   into   non-biodegradable   and   biodegradable   waste.   The biodegradable waste will be composted in a new pit they have dug in their garden. Both  schools  also  held a  Challenge to  design  and  create  something  really useful using only waste items.

Prizes of recycled stationery and books were awarded   to   the   best   designs   from   each   year   group   at   St   John’s,   and certificates to the winners in India. A display was held in St John’s School hall to share all of the designs with parents.

Congratulations went to Ellis in Ash, Lily H in Hawthorn, Tom in Beech, Jacob R in Willow and Aimie in Sycamore who were the Challenge winners. Highly Commended   certificates   went   to   Etienne   in   Oak,   Ellis   in   Poplar,   Oscar   in Beech, Jude and Grace S in Willow, Lucas in Sycamore and Esme, Theodoraand Onni in Maple. Congratulations also went to the winners in Bhuj. There were so many lovely designs it was very hard to choose between them!