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Protest over Nunney housing plans

Protestors in Nunney.

Protestors in Nunney.

NUNNEY residents have voiced their anger over plans for 100 new houses on the Greenpits Lane site, claiming there has been a lack of consultation about the project and that the scheme is too large for the village.

Lisa Ramsay, on behalf of the Nunney Protest Group explained, “In January 2014 Barratts and the Diocese took everyone by surprise with a scheme for 100 houses, on the Greenpits Lane site. There has been a severe lack of consultation and communication between them and the parish council and the villagers.

“There was an extraordinary meeting of the parish council where Barratt Homes outlined their plans for the site to the complete astonishment of all who attended; this was followed a week later by an exhibition in the local church to which the whole village was invited.

“The total lack of local knowledge and of where the proposed site is in relation to the village and surrounding area become more and more apparent with every question asked by the villagers.

“The lack of a current Local Plan means that it’s open season for developers; the only winners are the ‘profit before people’ developers.

“The fact that the current application is not offering any off-site help for the village, e.g. safe walking route through the village, traffic calming or dealing with extra surface water which already comes off the site before the houses are built.

“They appear to be making no contribution to the school, village hall or any of the other local amities. The only provision is to the church roof. Whilst this is an important part of Nunney community, it is not the only part used by local people.

“This site is outside of the developmental limits of the village, not only on the last local plan but also of the new plan which is to take its place. It is not sustainable as there is no significant employment,

“The employment Barratt is offering will only last for the length of the build. Public transport links have been reduced to a two-hourly bus service during the week and fewer weekends. During the week the first bus to Frome is after nine o’clock in the morning.

“The local people have major concerns about road safety, sewerage, the entrance/exit of the proposed site, the extra traffic, and general lack of consideration given to those whose properties overlook the site. The scale and size of the development is inappropriate – 100 houses being added to a community of only 300.

“There have been numerous permissions for houses on other sites around Frome in the past few months, 450 houses at Wallbridge, Frome; 100 on the Butler and Tanner site; 90 at Beckington and 45 at Rode. This is over 700.

“The application is on outdated information; it is full of contradictions and states the village is in full support of the proposal which is untrue. We feel the application should be refused and the whole issue of housing in Nunney reconsidered once the new Local Plan is in place. The way in which this application has been done and is being rushed through makes a mockery of localism.”