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What would YOU do if mayor for day?

ft mayor for a dayHave your say on what you would do to change Frome in our new column ‘Mayor for the Day’.

Each fortnight, the Frome Times  will be giving local people the opportunity to say how they would improve the town if they were ‘Mayor for the day’.

To launch the column Frome’s president of the chamber of commerce Nigel Harris talks about the Saxonvale development, a skills shortage in the town and the possibility of the Food Feast returning to the Market Place every July.

He also discusses an idea taken from Bristol’s Mayor where they have adopted ‘Cycle Sunday’ where certain streets become cycle only with no cars or buses and how this could benefit Frome.

Make business number one priority, Food Feast in the Market Place, introduce Cycle Sundays

Nigel Harris with Frome mayor Dickon Moore.

Nigel Harris with Frome mayor Dickon Moore.

“I would make business my main focus. Top of my agenda would be realising the original vision for Saxonvale, a mixed retail/residential/business area forming a logical and natural extension of the town centre. It would also enhance the river corridor and open it up as a public space.

“One of the limitations Frome has for businesses is the relative lack of premises, especially for businesses that have outgrown starter units. I’d like to see a wider provision of commercial property of all sizes, and a block on the further conversion of business premises to residential.

“We enjoy relatively high employment levels in the town but there’s still a skills shortage. Young people have work experience opportunities at Frome College, but I’d like to encourage employers to offer adult work experience too so that older people, maybe unemployed or returning to work can think about retraining and starting a new career. Developed in partnership with Frome College’s new apprenticeship initiative I think this could be really effective.

“Beyond the business realm, I love the monthly Frome Independent market. If the town can cope with closing the Market Place one day a month is it too much to ask for the annual Food Feast to return to the Market Place for one evening in July? The atmosphere was so much better.

“Talking of reclaiming the streets, I’d like to copy an idea of the Mayor of Bristol and have monthly Cycle Sundays in the town, when certain streets become cycle only, no cars or buses, so that the entire family can safely take to their bikes together on the road. A dream result for my day as mayor would be to be able to open the long-awaited cycle path joining Frome and Radstock (and on to Bath). That would really put us on the map!”

What would YOU do if you were mayor for the day? Get in touch at or call 01225 704761.