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Frome Teenager has book published

A TEENAGER from Frome has had her first children’s book published and hopes to write more in the future. 

Lollie Melton who is just 16 years old and  attends Frome Community College created her book ‘One of a Kind’ after she originally wrote it for her sister who has learning difficulties.

The book is aimed at children and is an interactive drawing and reading book that celebrates differences in a original way which Lollie hopes will be fun for the reader. It offers readers the chance to create their own characters within the book by drawing them in blank spaces provided and then the story takes them through a story about how everyone is different.

Lollie said, “I want children who read the book to have ownership of the book and by getting them to draw their own characters it helps give them the feel that the book is by them and for them.

“I have always had a keen interest in writing and often thought of stories to tell my sister and decided to create this one for her birthday and she loved it. I hope to follow it up by eventually writing more children’s books as I enjoy it.”

Lollie’s proud mother Miriam Melton said, “Feedback has been wonderfully positive and we are all so proud of her. For her to achieve this at just 16 years old is a fantastic achievement and one we are all very pleased about. It’s a great book and Lollie’s sister proudly claims it as her own so it’s great. It is already available from Amazon, and hopefully soon in our local bookshop Hunting Ravens Books.

Lollie’s book is available on Amazon in both paper form for £8.39 and as a Kindle edition for £2.63.

One reader left a five-star customer review about ‘One of a Kind’ on Amazon. It says, “This is an excellent story and it can be related to real life. Lollie has shown her gift for writing. I will be recommending this book certainly to my daughter for her child minding group and I may well use it on wet days at the local school where I work.”

The book can be found by typing One of a Kind by Lollie Melton into the search bar at