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Open day success at Not Just Pets Frome

National Pet Month in Frome

National Pet Month in Frome

Not Just Pets in Frome welcomed many visitors to their open day to mark National Pet Month. The aim was to promote the theme of ‘celebrating our pets’ as companions and to endorse responsible pet ownership. 

The Frome event, which took place on Saturday 26th April at Not Just Pets (Frome Pet & Aquatics), Irongates, King Street, was also raising funds for GRWE and Cats Protection Frome.

Highlights included animal handling, face painting, pet portraits with Paul Smith, cakes and a lucky dip. Different and exotic animals available for handling included pet rats, bearded dragons, corn snakes, pythons and degus. Boo, the European eagle owl was also in store.

Assistant manager at Not Just Pets in Frome, Dale Taylor said, “The event went really well and we had lots of people come through the door. We had lots of children come along who enjoyed being able to see unusual animals and hold them.

“It was great to show off unusual pets such as rats, which many people were scared of at first, but  many changed their minds once they got to see them closely. It was also important to give people a better idea of what care exotic pets need and generally raise awareness of responsible pet ownership.

“Cats Protection were also in store with a lovely table of goodies, raising awareness and funds for the cat charity.”

Special offers and samples were available of Canagan cat and dog food and training products and samples from Company of Animals. Details can be found  at

National Pet Month (NPM), which ran from 1st April to 5th May, seeks to promote responsible pet ownership and raise valuable funds for animal charities across the UK by encouraging people to hold events just like the Not Just Pets animal awareness days.

Phil Sketchley, chairman of NPM said, “We’re delighted that Not Just Pets held this event to show how our pets can be our companions at all stages in our lives. We need to look after them responsibly to keep them healthy and happy, and they in turn will help keep us healthy and happy too.”