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Frome Town Council asks – ‘Are car costs driving you round the bend?’

An electric car at a charging point.

An electric car at a charging point.

Frome Town Council are exploring the feasibility of setting up a car club in Frome which could help cut travel costs and reduce parking issues and congestion around the town. 

A car club is a membership scheme that gives you access to cars and vans in your neighbourhood 24/7 for as long or as little as you need it. Car club vehicles are located in dedicated parking bays in cities and towns all around the world. Options for Frome include electric vehicles (with a 100 mile range) with charging points in the South and North of the town, run by a not for profit social enterprise.

Car clubs can help drive costs down too with savings of around £3500 a year per user compared to running a private car, as well as displacing 20 privately owned vehicles per car club car – freeing up car parking space and reducing traffic. Independent research has found that car clubs not only help to reduce congestion and emissions and improve local environments but also encourage healthier and safer lifestyles.

Before the scheme is introduced the council needs to know if the local community, businesses and schools are interested in using these vehicles and would love to hear your thoughts. Please fill in a very short survey by 6th June: www.frometowncoun

For further information contact Frome’s new energy and recycling officer Anna Francis: francisa@frome  tel: 01373 465757.