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Launch of the Frome ‘Men’s Shed’

The meeting to launch the community Men’s Shed in Frome was held at the Cheese & Grain on Monday, 12th May.

Patrick Abrahams, on behalf of this new community organisation for Frome reported, “We had over 30 attendees, and heard from some inspirational guest speakers. The attendees also prioritised the planned activity of the group.  They determined that the leading activities would include woodwork, electronics and computing, restoration and recycling, working with young people and responding to community initiatives.

“We had a presentation from Annette Yoosefinejad from the Wincanton Shed; Steve Hewson from Triton Tools detailed how they could help with providing tools, as well as telling some illuminating stories from other sheds.  We also had a fascinating 3D printing demonstration and presentation from Graeme Turner and Ben Bradley from Transfer Press, based near Honiton.

“The next meeting will be held at the Cheese & Grain on Monday 9th June, from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.  By then, we hope to have news of suitable premises that the group can use.”

After the meeting, David Warburton, one of the attendees said, “Frome has so much to offer for so many people, but I think in the past there has been a bit of a gap in provision for men.  Allowing men to work together, build together, plan, talk and be creative together, will give Frome a superb facility and will be a great resource for our area.”

Kevin McCloud, the Channel 4 presenter of ‘Grand Designs’ also sent an encouraging message,: “All power to the Frome Men’s Shed.”

The scheme is now open to men who need something practical and constructive to do, in a “friendly, supportive and welcoming environment” in one shed. The Frome Shed plans to offer a workspace where older people can work on practical projects with others.

The idea draws on the successful Men’s Shed movement in Australia where over 1000 Sheds have formed in just over a decade. It is part of a fast growing movement in the UK which now has 60 Sheds open. In the UK, the Men’s Sheds Association has been successful in promoting and supporting Men’s Sheds.

Patrick added. “In the next meeting we will review progress, and have some proposals for premises the group can use, and some practical suggestions for projects that the group could undertake shortly.  This will include a session from the Holt’s Men’s Group on refurbishing tools for the third world.

“We will also hear about an initiative to place a barn owl nesting box in every parish in Somerset. We are pleased that the Hawk and Owl Trust member and owner of New Forest Owl Studios Cherry Barlow will come to the meeting to explain the project and to introduce us to one of her owls.”

Anyone interested in the group, as a member, partner or supporter would be very welcome to attend the next meeting at the Cheese & Grain on Monday 9th June , from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.  If you have any questions, or want to see the press coverage for the group, please visit, or contact Patrick by email or tel: 07932 760585.