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‘What are you doing for the first time today?’ asked Chris Evans – ‘Playing with the Frome Town Youth Band!’

Chris Evans, Radio 2 ‘Breakfast Show’ host, recently had a feature asking people to call in and tell him what they would be doing for the first time that day.

One of the lucky callers to be broadcast was Owen from Frome who told Chris that he would be playing with Frome Town Youth Band at a main band practice for the first time that evening.

Owen said he had been learning to play the cornet in the ‘beginners’ group’ for several months and had just been invited by John Turner, musical director, to come along to a full band practice and that he was very excited to have been asked to join in with the band for the first time.

Chris was very interested to hear about Frome Town Youth Band and asked Owen to call back the following Monday to let him know how things went, after which he sent Owen a signed photo.