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Behind the scenes at the weakest link at Frome Ladies Club

At the monthly meeting of Frome Ladies Club the chairperson Christine Potter introduced the speaker for the evening Linda Dowsett, who came along to give a humorous talk of her experiences on the ‘Weakest Link’. 

After applying over the telephone Linda received an application number followed by a letter through the post 26 pages thick. Linda and her husband were invited to the Grand Hotel for one night and although they could share the double room only Linda could have breakfast on the bill and as a coke from the bar cost £4 you an imagine what they had to pay for the two sausages, bacon and beans.

Linda had to have a personal screen test, answer 20 questions in three minutes and the director chose which outfit, from the three requested (although Linda took four just in case) would be most suitable for the show. Linda’s one worry was that she would be voted off in the first round but as she only got a couple of questions wrong she managed to be in the last five. Anne Robinson is just as she portrays herself on the show ‘The Queen of Mean’.

Linda is well known in the Trowbridge area having run Silhouette Fancy Dress Hire from 1990 to 2002 and is a member of Southwick Entertainers Group.  Linda and her husband were Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas in Santa’s Grotto in the Shires Shopping Centre.

In September 2013 she won the Wiltshire Times ‘Community Hero’ nominated for her work with community groups in the area. Linda has raised over £5,000 to sponsor  a guide dog puppy and he is to be called Gordon in memory of her husband. She is an author and a poet.

Vote of thanks was given by Shirley Smith.

Tea/coffee served by Anita Collier, Anne Davis, Leslie Elms and Chris Fairhurst.

The speaker for the July meeting will be Marian Alsbury on  ‘The Trials and Tribulations of a Vicars Wife’.