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Frome writer publishes second novel

AFROME man has published his second book on Amazon, to the acclaim of his readers.

Duncan Bardsley of Frome recently released ‘Millwall’, a book he describes as “a satire on the worlds of football, art and religion. It’s a complex story with dark humour and adult themes.”

The book has had an impressive reception on, with 53 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

One review said, “This gripping novel is so insightful and on-trend it is almost futuristic, encompassing a multitude of modern day issues and dilemmas.”

Duncan said, “Millwall took three years to finish.  A year for the first draft, then about  two years and 20 edits before it was published.

“Over the years I’ve had ideas and was reasonably confident I could produce a story which would entertain the reader, but writing is hard; you need to be determined, self-critical, and keep working and editing.”

Duncan said his experience of scriptwriting, football, business, and science, as well as having worked in the Middle East, have all influenced his writing.

He said, “I can foresee a sequel to Millwall, but I haven’t started it yet.  Some of the storylines are left dangling because I don’t like very tidy endings;  that’s not life, it’s Hollywood.”

You can buy ‘Millwall’ by Duncan Bardsley on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition.