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Dog control orders in Frome – an update

The Mayor of Frome has spoken about how the process of implementing Dog Control Orders on Frome Town Council-owned land is going.

He said, “I am now starting to realise why no previous town council in Frome has ever tackled the issue of Dog Control Orders as a step towards dealing with both out of control dogs and dog mess: it’s a massive job! Having completed the Frome consultation, and negotiated a compromise with dog owners who wanted to maintain greater flexibility in Victoria Park, the town council is now working with the police to take the next stages. Each individual space has to have an unambiguous proposal for what exactly is proposed during which times and or dates. For the town this is the parks and open spaces we own – for Mendip (who are engaged in a parallel process), the roads, pavements and any spaces they own.

“This then needs to go back out as a proposal to the public for a month. Based on responses, the town council then needs to meet and decide to proceed (or not) taking into account any comments or ideas. This process is all happening, with the details shortly to be placed in the local press, Facebook etc for public comment. I’m pleased that this town council has undertaken to go down this path – it’s an issue people feel very strongly about and therefore one that we have rightly chosen to invest time and money on. We will get there in the end!”