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Life begins at 70 for Frome residents

Everyone who would like to discuss some of the issues raised by ageing is invited along to The Frome and District Day Centre on Thursday 25th September. 

Held at the Frome Town Football Club, Badgers Hill, Berkley Road (BA11 2EH) – 10.30am-3.30pm, an excellent lunch is served for just £5, with optional afternoon activities available.

One of the volunteers and helpers,  Dorothy-Anne Bryant said, “Up to and around the age of 70 many are having a great time!  They have the health and motivation to get around.  They work as volunteers in ways which they enjoy.  Their grandchildren delight in their company.  Seventy is the new forty.

“Nevertheless there are issues to be discussed by over seventies and everyone who expects to reach 70.  How can we continue living to the full?

“Professionals have something to offer but so do those people who are in their seventies, eighties and nineties.  For this reason three workshops have been arranged.  Together we can find ways of adapting to difficulties, making the most of opportunities and accepting limitations with cheerfulness when absolutely necessary.

“On 25th September we particularly think about keeping mobile and on 23rd October we think about memory and mood. We finish on 27th November by considering maintaining well-being to the end and making the most of our last years.

“All this takes place sat round tables in the friendly Day Centre at the Frome Town Football Club.  FACT are helping to meet the expenses.”

Everyone is welcome to turn up or contact Dorothy-Anne on 01373 300583 or email for more information.