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Mount Community Association garden and the giant Ukrainian beetroot!

It has been another bumper year at the Mount Community Association garden in Feltham Lane, next to the Key Centre and Christ Church School.

A bunch of enthusiastic gardeners have been cultivating the garden for six years.  They grow flowers, fruit and vegetables which are then sold to local people at affordable prices. All money raised goes back into buying seeds and other supplies for the garden.

Head gardener Des Harris said, “Sweet Peas, soft fruit, leeks and broad beans are among our most popular crops.”

Members of the public stop to chat, and local people come in on Thursday mornings (9.30am-12.30pm) to buy fruit and veg. Everyone loves the wild mix of flowers, fruit and veg.

Crops currently being harvested include autumn raspberries, onions, beetroot, dahlias and of course runner beans.

One problem this year has been what to do with the giant beetroot.  They are a variety called The Ukrainian.  John Payne is a member of the Heritage Seed Library at Garden Organic and he donated the seed to his fellow volunteers. He said, “Most people wouldn’t have a pan big enough to cook one in. We are at a loss on this one!”

New volunteers are always welcome, with or without experience.  They will be given all the training they need by Des and his team. Des said, “Just drop by one Thursday morning, and if it rains, we can drink tea and chat in the Mount Community Association’s cosy log cabin.”