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‘The Confident Pianist’ A Mind and Body Workshop for Musicians

A new workshop for pianists is about to launch in Frome.

‘The Confident Pianist’ is aimed at adult pianists of all levels who would like to build confidence and overcome both technical and psychological blocks.  A collaboration between celebrated pianist Stephen Marquiss, former musical director of Frome Festival, and Liz Kozlowski, musician and holistic coach, the workshop is geared for pianists who may feel stuck in their practice.

The one day workshop will combine expertise from both Stephen’s and Liz’s unique whole-body approaches to piano playing.  Liz said, “Stephen has developed a wonderful holistic piano technique book, Piano Portals, which integrates very effectively with my mind-body approach to helping people achieve their true potential in life.

“We will be exploring practice habits, tension, posture and stage fright as well as using relaxation and confidence-boosting techniques to help participants play with greater ease and enjoyment. Numbers are limited so that we can maximise individual attention.”

A light lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included. The event is hosted at the beautiful Cooper Hall, Selwood Manor, Frome on Sunday 5th October 2014 from 9.30am to 5.00pm. For more details visit  or phone 01373 469512.