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Frome College team looks to develop unique plant management scheme

Following their acceptance into the National Science and Engineering 2015 competition to be held in March next year, the team of Plant Notes from Frome Community College has been working endlessly to push their project forward this summer.

Plant Notes is a unique plant management system allowing anyone to automate their plants’ environments from anywhere around the world via the internet. The system is fully scalable – from just a few plants being monitored and their environments adjusted to many thousands across a large area of land.

“Creating the project into something we could sell and manage commercially is something we have always aspired for; recently we’ve had meetings with printed circuit board prototyping companies,” said the team of Jake Malley, Gabriel Barnes and Alex Osborne.

“We’ve found this experience extremely helpful as they were able to give us vital help towards how we should proceed with the company. We have been pushing forward to have a stable prototype, for testing commercially to allow us to fine tune the system and test its scalability.

“We are focusing on providing our plant management system for commercial use in such places as garden centres and farms. This will allow us to further test the product for a finished personal use system.

“We are in talks with business consultant David Bloomfield and telecommunications company Ericsson and in the mid of drawing up business plans and carrying out market research into farming and agriculture.

“Subsequently we’ll be at the development stage where we’ll be making the prototypes and building printed circuit boards as well as designing new and creative ways to case our product to make it commercially viable and work in an outdoor environment.”

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