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Ken Loach speaks to packed audience in Frome

Ken Loach

Ken Loach

Film director Ken Loach spoke to a packed audience at the Westway Cinema in Frome on Friday 24th October.

He led a lively discussion regarding how to build a fairer society, inspired by his film ‘Spirit of 45’. The film conveys the sense of collective determination to build a better world which contributed to the creation of the welfare state and NHS.

More than 100 people expressed interest in setting up a ‘Save the NHS’ group in Frome to contribute to national campaigns. Mike Campbell from the Bristol group offered to support people in Frome doing this.

Anyone interested in being involved in this group are invited to contact protectthenhs@gmail. com for further details.

Theo Simon from East Pennard announced his candidacy for the Green party in the next general election.  He explained, “The Spirit of 45 holds some important messages regarding the need to look out for each other: ‘all for one and one for all’.  The Green party calls for the needs of the planet and all that live on it to come before the need for profit.”

Ken Loach spoke of his allegiance to ‘Left Unity’, but stressed that this party would not stand against the Green party and that everyone who wants to build a fairer society needs to come together at the general election to support public services, reduce inequality and address climate change.

He drew the evening to a close by speaking of the need to support independent cinemas that make it possible to see a range of films. He congratulated Martina on running such a fantastic cinema in Frome.

Tickets for the film sold out more than two weeks before it was shown.