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Frome resident hailed for showing community spirit

A FROME resident has been hailed for his community spirit after clearing a path that becomes difficult to walk down in poor weather. 

Chris Brazier took matters into his own hands when the path become increasingly hazardous recently by clearing the path himself.

Another local, Pat Taylor, was so impressed he contacted the Frome Times. Pat said, “Chris is a real asset to the community as all this work is entirely voluntary.

“The path leading down to the Market Yard in Frome is notoriously difficult to walk down in autumn when it is wet and windy. The thin, overgrown branches of the trees on one side bend right down and drop all their leaves onto the path below. The low branches and slippery pavement force people to step into the road.

“The other day he turned up with a trolley on wheels, plastic bags and long-handled cutters and set to work cutting down and removing the overhanging branches.  He then swept up all the leaves and removed them. This took him several hours.

“He has also tidied up the path along the river in the same way, also parts of Welshmill Lane, Innox Hill, Willow Vale and other places he feels need attention. He goes out on his own and removes litter, empty bottles and even dog mess at the same time, making Frome a cleaner, tidier and safer place.”