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Frome Youth and Community centre future in doubt

FROME Youth and Community Centre is under the threat of closure if funds of £70,000 for urgent repairs cannot be found. 

The centre, which is currently leased by Mendip YMCA, is currently home to approximately 15 local community and sports groups and is also attended by over 50 young people twice a week for Youth Club. However, repairs are needed to bring the centre up to standard and over £70,000 is needed to mend the roof and the heating system.

Frome Netball Club is one of the sports teams that use the facility and they fear they may lose their home of over 50 years.

The club has three teams currently competing and is starting a junior club from January. However, an extra court is needed to allow more people to join and fears are growing they may be without a home unless the Frome Youth and Community Centre finds the necessary £70,000.

Frome Netball Club secretary Andrea McCall said, “The need for another court is so important for the club to progress at the moment, and unfortunately plans for this cannot commence until the repairs are made on the sports hall. £70,000 is a lot of money and while Frome Netball Club will endeavour to raise as much money as possible, we will really need the help of the Frome community to save the youth centre we have come to call home.

“The club currently play on the outdoor court but fast-growing numbers in recent years has meant the club has had to close its doors to new members to ensure safety, as the facility is unable to accommodate any more people.”

As Frome Youth and Community Centre is currently leased by a charity all money must be found by grants, fundraising and charitable donations. The netball club is urging the local community to back them in ensuring the future of not only their club but the future of their children in the Frome community.

If you can help with building or heating services, charity events or donations, contact  Andrea McCall via email