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Who owns your hospital? Save the NHS group holds inaugural meeting in Frome

Frome Save the NHS group held its first meeting recently. 

Concerned members of the public gathered at the Westway cinema on Sunday 23rd November to hear a briefing from members of the Bristol Group regarding the alarming scale of privatisation that has already happened and how they have been campaigning locally.

The Bristol group recently launched a series of billboards including the famous quote from the founder of the NHS Aneurin Bevan, ‘the NHS will last for as long as there are people prepared to fight for it’.

The Frome Save the NHS group plan a series of activities beginning in the new year with a screening of the hard hitting film ‘Sell-Off: the abolition of the NHS’ followed by discussion with director Peter Bach. The film conveys the alarming story of how the health service is being quietly abolished and replaced by a system of care delivered by profit-maximising companies.

Film reviewers describe how although the film’s ‘diagnosis is bleak, the strength of the characters at the film’s disposal give us surprising hope, casting flashes of light across an otherwise bleak landscape’. Watch this space for details of dates of this screening.

All those committed to saving the NHS with its fundamental principle of universal free medical care at the point of delivery, are welcome to join the group. The group is not affiliated to any particular political party, with members from the local Green Party, Left Unity, disillusioned Labour party members and those with no specific political affiliation all involved.

For more information about the group and to get involved please contact