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Slow down for the festive season in Frome

Avon and Somerset Police have joined forces with the Mendip Community Speed Watch (CSW) teams to ask motorists to pay particular attention to their speeds over the festive season. 

Inspector Mark Nicholson from Avon and Somerset Police said, “Whilst it is important for us to consider our speed throughout the year, Christmas is a special time for friends and families, and nobody wants to miss out on the celebrations as a result of being injured or hurt from an accident due to a speeding motorist”

Ashley Reay from Mendip CSW echoed the Inspector’s plea as he pointed out that when a recent speed indication device was set up at Berkley School to monitor traffic  over a two-week period, it recorded 15,690 vehicles passing  the school.

Ashley explained, “Over 12,500 of these vehicles exceeded the speed limit, with 878 of them being recorded  at speeds between 50 and 81 mph. If those  vehicles were  detected by the Road Traffic Police or the Speed Enforcement Teams, they  would have been prosecuted. These high speeds simply beggar belief and now with poor weather and bad visibility a feature of many days, speeds like these recorded are an accident waiting to happen.

“Once again the various speed enforcement agencies and Police  would much rather not have to record and prosecute motorists at all, but would prefer to educate people.

“Speed Watch operations and enforcement will take place  right up to and over the festive period. The solution is in the motorists’ own hands so slow down, get there safely and enjoy the Christmas period and let others do the same.”