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Young people urged to get involved in politics

Young people should play a bigger part in Frome’s local politics – this is the message from town councillor and former mayor, Dickon Moore.

“Young people are poorly represented in politics,” said Dickon. “They deserve better, and the best way for this to happen is through direct involvement. This might sound daunting but getting involved at a local level, whatever your politics, can be hugely beneficial for those that do and for the organisations they join.”

Cllr Moore is  part of the Independent for Frome (IfF) group, who are assembling a group to stand for Frome Town Council in May 2015 and are now seeking candidates.

“I hope I’ve been able to effectively represent young people in the town,” he added. “I won’t be standing next time round, so the young people of Frome need one of their own to represent them.

“There are different levels at which you can stand, and different parties you can stand for. I would encourage any involvement of young people, but if you would like more guidance there are lots of resources out there. Alternatively you can contact or myself at dickon”