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From SAS Soldier to Veteran For Peace –Ben Griffin speaks in Frome

The UK is once again taking military action in Iraq. 

Ben Griffin, a former SAS soldier, tells why he no longer fights for “Queen and Country”, at next month’s Frome Stop Wars Campaign event.

Ben served with The Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland, Macedonia and Afghanistan, before joining the SAS. He deployed to Baghdad in January 2005, serving alongside American forces in operations to detain “high value targets” but became morally disillusioned with the war in Iraq and his role in it.

After three months in Baghdad he returned to the UK on leave and refused to return to Iraq or serve under American command. He expected to be court-martialed, but was instead discharged with a glowing testimonial from his commanding officer who described him as, “A balanced and honest soldier who possesses the strength and character to genuinely have the courage of his convictions.”

Ben has been active in the anti-war movement since leaving the army, speaking in schools, public meetings and at protests. In 2011 he founded Veterans For Peace UK, an organisation of former servicemen/women who campaign against war and militarism to build a more peaceful future.

Ben will be telling his story, accompanied by members of Veterans For Peace at the Cheese and Grain, Market Yard (BA11 1BE) on Tuesday 27th January at 8.00pm. Tickets are available on the door (£5)

Proceeds to Veterans For Peace.

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