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Surprise proposal – with the help of Frome Cinema

WITH the help of the community a Frome man made a surprise wedding proposal – and she said yes!

Aaron Pickford proposed to his new fiancée, Gemma Cowan, after help from Westway Cinema owner Martina O’Connor for the actual proposal and from the Archangel in setting up an immediate engagement party.

Aaron, who has been with Gemma for 18 months, proposed to her at the Westway Cinema after leading her to believe they were going to watch a film. Aaron, with the help of Martina, produced cinema tickets for a film which wasn’t even taking place to ensure Gemma had no idea about what was to come.

When the couple arrived in the cinema it was empty and as a home-video of the couple’s time together played on the screen, Aaron got down on one knee and asked the big question. Martina, the cinema owner, helped with providing floristry and candles to add extra romance to the proposal.

After Gemma said yes to the proposal they headed to the Archangel where a surprise engagement party was organised, for free, thanks to the generosity of the pub.

Aaron said, “I am really pleased and thankful that Martina from the cinema and Ross, the landlord at the Archangel, got behind the unusual idea.

“Helped by my friend, Karl Dunford, I was trying to think of ideas as I wanted it to be a different proposal  – and all Karl kept coming up with was cheesy ideas – before we thought of the cinema plan!

“The cinema staff were amazing and helped us right from the start when we first put it to them.You never know how people will take to an idea like this but luckily Martina was great about it and helped us plan it all.

“I knew Gemma would want to share the moment with her friends so I arranged for them to be in the Archangel afterwards and again we saw the Frome community spirit at its best as Ross, the landlord, allowed us use of a function room for free.”

Aaron’s friend Karl who helped come up with the idea said, “The thing that got me quite emotional was not so much the whole event, I mean don’t get me wrong I was crying through the proposal, it was the sentiment of community support. Not one of these fine establishments asked for a penny and to say that in this day and age, finding someone willing to give without receiving, is quite an understatement.

“I really wish to commend all the community that helped make the momentous occasion all the more incredible.”