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Free talk at Scout Hut

There will be a free talk at the Scout Hut, Welshmill Lane, entitled ‘A Brief History of Everything’ on Thursday 19th February at 8.00pm.

The talk will be a whistle stop tour from the Big Bang to human consciousness, taking in the origin of elements, stars and galaxies, the emergence of life and the evolution of multicellular organisms such as ourselves.

The talk is accessible to those who have no familiarity with the subject but should also be of interest for those with more knowledge. After the 45 minute talk there will be time for questions and discussion.

The speaker, Greg Morter has been teaching the Story of the Universe for many years, particularly in the form of a scaled walk in which a million years in time is represented by a metre on the ground; transforming 13.8 billion years of cosmic history into a walk of 13.8 kilometres. Further details at