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Frome man to complete a triathlon every day in 2015 for PAC

A FROME man is aiming to complete a triathlon every day in 2015 – and also register his 1,000th day in a row of running at least 10k –  to raise money for Frome charity Positive Action on Cancer. 

Jim Plunkett-Cole aims to complete a triathlon by running 10k, swimming 400m and cycling  20km every day.

In 2013 and 2014 Jim completed year-long challenges to run at least 10k every day and that running streak continues as part of the 2015 triathlon challenge. So far he has clocked up over 750 consecutive 10k runs, with the 1,000th 10k set to take place on 27th September.

As well as attempting these gruelling challenges to raise money for PAC he has also inspired others to set exercise challenges by creating a group called 2015kx365 which requires people to do some form of exercise every day for a year.

Jim said, “Towards the end of last year I had contemplated trying to do the ‘marathon a day challenge for a year’.  However, for several reasons I realised it wasn’t for me. However, during the year I did my first triathlon, the Frome Sprint Triathlon, and this gave me the inspiration for attempting a triathlon a day for 2015.

“I’m not sure if anyone has done this particular challenge as yet, so it’s pretty interesting. Also, I kind of thought that it was ‘do-able’ as you use different muscles etc for the different triathlon disciplines, and I felt this would cross-train more than anything, and not be putting as much strain on relatively few muscles as doing the marathon a day.  As with the running, the swimming and cycling have to be proved by tracking them.

“At the end of 2014 I’d managed to successfully complete two years of ‘at least 10K a day’ without missing a single day.  During the year I set out my plans to try and do 1,000 back-to-back 10Ks in this manner, hopefully completing this on 27th September 2015.

“The most difficult aspect of the triathlon challenge is time! You are active each day, either cycling or running or swimming, for about two hours and 15 minutes. However, you also have to consider the time to get changed and dry and this takes another 45 minutes. Then there’s the ‘puncture time’ – four so far – and all the time you need to prepare kit.  However, I don’t have to do the triathlon in one go.  My rules are that the 400m swim and 10K run are done in one go, but that the cycle can be split into two.  I live exactly 10K from the leisure centre, so I cycle there, swim, and then cycle 10K home, thus achieving my 20K cycle requirement for the day.

“I am not a strong swimmer and haven’t done much cycling as I’ve concentrated on running.  However, I am getting by and am lucky that half my cycle route to and from the pool is on the Collier’s Way cycle path, so it’s pretty safe. I’m hoping to improve my cycling and swimming the more I go along, and hope to take in some formal training. So, physically it seems manageable, but I still have doubts as to the time requirement of the additional cycle and swim. Also, of course, the more time you are active, the greater the chance of an injury or accident, which ultimately stops all challenges!

“PAC is a great cause and it does great work.  When a family is torn apart by the impact of cancer, they are completely lost, confused and punch-drunk through the relentlessness of it all. To have someone help you or a family through this time is a service of immense value.”

If you wish to donate, search for Jim Plunkett-Cole on Virgin Giving.  Alfredo, Jim’s dog, who accompanies him on the running is raising money for Happy Landings animal rehoming.

To follow the triathlon challenge on Facebook, please search for Triathlonx365 (10Kx1000 for the 10K challenge).

To join in Jim’s Kx365 challenge, please register at