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Counterfeit Stones roll into Frome

Hailed by Mick Jagger as “The most famous Stones band in England,” the Counterfeit Stones are much more than a tribute to the Rolling Stones, they’re a complete re-enactment! 

And they will be coming to Frome soon.

The repertoire, instruments and authentic gear faithfully match those of the originals and the show has been affectionately described as a “masterpiece in fraud rock and nostalgia.”

The Counterfeit Stones have a huge worldwide following, having constantly toured the globe for nearly 20 years, playing to crowds of up to 60,000 and counting amongst their fans such luminaries as Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Lemmy, Liam and Noel Gallagher, Prince Edward, Bill Clinton and countless others.

Their incredible live shows feature mind-blowing performances from all the favourites: Nick Dagger, Keef Rickard, Bryon Jones, Mick Taylor-Made, Ronnie B Goode, Bill Hymen, Nicky Popkiss, Manfred Maniac & Chuck Ravel.

The Counterfeit Stones will be playing at the Cheese & Grain on Saturday 28th February. Tickets are £17.50 each and are available from the Cheese & Grain, and also from Raves from the Grave on 01373 464666.