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IfF – I’m for Frome Litter Pick

A number of Independent for Frome candidates and their supporters gathered outside St John’s Church on the morning of Sunday 15th February.

The candidates, Independent town counsellors Pippa Goldfinger, Toby Eliot and Mel Usher amongst them, were there to launch their ‘I’m for Frome’ campaign with a clean up of the steps, the area around St Johns Church, Cheap Street, Kingsway and Gentle Street.

Kate Bielby, one of the new candidates for Keyford ward and the organiser of the event said, “I am really keen to be known as a do-er, someone who gets things done, so this was organised quickly as a solution to a problem.”

Kate plans to organise more of these events over the coming months. She added,   “These will be publicised and we would ask that anybody who felt they could join us on the litter pick does.

“It is about taking responsibility for the town which we all love and to try and find out what people want from us as prospective councillors.  It is a great opportunity for people to come and join us in clearing the place up as well as a chance to talk to IfF candidates.”

Although the IfF are a party on the ballot paper they have no manifesto and vote as they see fit on each separate idea or issue.  They believe that there is no place for party politics at a local level and that this allows them to be truly representative of their voters.  It also means that they can be flexible in the plans that they choose to forge ahead with.

Heather Wride another new candidate said, “I am really keen that this continues beyond the elections.  It is quite fun and its a good way of talking to people who are really pleased to see things getting sorted.  Hopefully this will mean we can get a good idea of what is important to people.”

If you have a suggestion for an area that could do with a clean up email

The next planned dates are as follows:

Sunday 8th March – St Johns Road garage – 9.30am  • Sunday 29th March – Singers Knoll playground –   2.00pm • Sunday 19th April – Badcox, at the newsagents – 9.00am