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New e-book Guide by local author

A Survivor’s Practical Travel Guide to Parish Councils’ is a new e-book Guide by Frome author Jean Lowe. 

The Guide provides a  funny, informative insight into the somewhat chaotic world of the Parish Councillor with their strange customs, mysterious rituals, cumbersome etiquette and use of antiquated language.

Centred on Frome (the 6th coolest place in England to live) the Guide is in part a social history and in part a timely and ideal guide for those baffled by local government and the ever changing Planning system. Full of essential information, up to date tips including the latest on the 2012/14 Planning rules, with insights and anecdotes alongside useful facts and figures.

With local and national elections looming and many people deciding whether to stand for their local Parish Council this is a handy companion. Explaining what to do and what to expect and looking at the part organisations, societies and charities can play in Parish life.

With photographs to add a bucolic touch, there is also a walking town trail of Frome for those who want to have fun and explore in detail.

Jean is a director of a town and country planning consultancy in the West of England and an ex-parish councillor.  She is currently part of a group which researches and publishes local village histories – they are on book 5 in the series.

The book is available on Amazon ISBN 978 0 9929988 0 6.