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That’s why Slimming World members go to Iceland

Frome and surrounding area slimmers eagerly awaited for the  launch of a brand-new range of frozen ready meals created by Slimming World in association with Iceland.

Based on the slimming organisation’s famous Food Optimising* eating plan, the new range of meals uses Free Food* ingredients and has been developed in response to demand from the club’s 700,000 members.

Frome Slimming World consultant Debbie Hills was in Iceland’s Frome store on 18th February to promote the meals, which she says are proving to be very popular.

She said, “They are flying off the shelves and we are having to keep replenishing the stock. I was in store myself for three hours continuously restocking the freezer on Wednesday morning and we have had members coming from all over, including Radstock, Midsomer Norton and Glastonbury to stock up.

“The most popular items have been the chicken tikka masala, the meatballs and the sausages. We can’t restock the shelves quickly enough.”

Debbie, who runs a couple of the Frome Slimming World groups said, “Slimming World’s goal is to help members develop new healthy eating habits and a new relationship with food, away from high-fat, high-calorie fast foods.

Members who follow the weight-loss programme learn to satisfy their appetite on those foods that are the lowest in energy density (calories per gram).

Setting out to transform the face of ‘diet’ meals with its Free Food approach, Slimming World has created a food range that is generously portioned, delicious and great value and teamed up with leading frozen food innovator Iceland – one of the few manufacturers that could offer the quality, value and generosity Slimming World expects for its members.

Debbie said, “This new range of frozen meals is made purely with Free Foods, so they fit perfectly with Slimming World’s plan.”

There are eight frozen ready meals available in the range including: – Beef and Red Onion Gravy with a Veg Crush – Chicken Pizzaiola – Chicken Tikka Masala – Hot-smoked Salmon Farfalle – Meatballs and Pasta with a Spicy Tomato Sauce – Roasted Vegetable Pasta (vegetarian) – Singapore Noodles – Sweet Potato Curry (vegetarian). Plus: – Syn-free Beef & Pork Meatballs (in bags) – Syn-free Pork Sausages (in bags).

Debbie added, “Every meal has the recipe printed on the packaging too, so best of all in our group, which is held at Cheese & Grain every Friday, we’ll be talking about the meals and who’s tried them and then asking who has recreated the recipes at home themselves.”

Ian Seymour, Iceland Frome store manager said the meals had been made from high-quality ingredients.

He said, “From sourcing a bespoke lean beef for our beef dish, to trying dozens of different marinated chicken pieces for tikka masala, both firms have gone much more than the extra mile – we’ve literally gone across the globe – to ensure every meal uses high-quality ingredients, is packed with tasty ingredients and offers great value for money.”

The brand-new range of Slimming World meals is available exclusively in Iceland’s 850 stores including Frome, priced at £3 per meal, and  also available to order at For more information please contact Debbie on 07849 536189 or visit